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Time for a Speed Test

By Gil Cargill on October 13

The speed test that I’m referencing is the speed at which you and/or your organization respond to customer inquiries.  Recent studies show that your probability of closing business drops considerably when the delay of responding to an inquiry is as little as a few minutes. As a matter of fact, some studies show that your […]

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You Can’t Teach Ambition

By Gil Cargill on December 10

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of believing that they can turn someone who has little or no ambition into an extremely ambitious person. This is a common philosophical mistake that I see engrained in the creation of many sales compensation programs. The entrepreneur would say something like, “If I worked for me, I would be […]

Vital Considerations for Hiring Sales Superstars

By Gil Cargill on April 11

When it comes down to it there is very little magic in finding, selecting and recruiting a sales superstar. The problem that I frequently observe is that business owners, MSP’s, VAR’s and or sales managers make the mistake of hiring people for the wrong reasons. You see, I believe in hiring sales people for their […]

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