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9 Ways to Improve Your Sales | Convert More Traffic

By Gil Cargill on March 7

In last week’s installment, I talked about ways in which you can increase the amount of traffic that you and your team work with. Please recall that I define traffic as individuals who come to your website seeking information and/or a solution. Traffic can also be defined as people that attend your webinars, lunch-and-learns, tradeshow […]

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Sales and Football Are Both Games of Inches

By Gil Cargill on June 1

If you have ever listened to any football games, the commentators inevitably speak about the fact that games and frequently championships are won by inches. The same applies to sales. Obviously, we aren’t running a ball up and down a field. But small increments of improvement can produce huge changes in your top and bottom […]


Do You Suffer from Funnel Blindness?

By Gil Cargill on March 29

Funnel blindness is a phenomenon that affects many salespeople and their employers. As the name implies, once opportunities go into the funnel, they are to some degree hidden from the view of management as well as the salesperson. Opportunities that go into the funnel prematurely are the most significant contributors to this problem. In other […]

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How to Ruin a Hot Lead

By Gil Cargill on January 26

One of the behaviors of some sales forces that I find alarming is how casually hot leads are treated.   This three-minute video gives you some insight into my concern in this regard.  Don’t make the mistake of treating a lead in the fashion that can be categorized as nonchalant.   You should always make […]

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