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What Undercover Boss Teaches Us

By Gil Cargill on December 18

My wife and I have, on occasion, watched the TV show “Undercover Boss“. If you’re not familiar with this show, the premise is that the CEO or President of the company will disguise him/herself and work undercover in the job, side by side with employees within their company. The show has a very humanistic flavor […]

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You Can’t Teach Ambition

By Gil Cargill on December 10

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of believing that they can turn someone who has little or no ambition into an extremely ambitious person. This is a common philosophical mistake that I see engrained in the creation of many sales compensation programs. The entrepreneur would say something like, “If I worked for me, I would be […]

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How to Ruin a Hot Lead

By Gil Cargill on January 26

One of the behaviors of some sales forces that I find alarming is how casually hot leads are treated.   This three-minute video gives you some insight into my concern in this regard.  Don’t make the mistake of treating a lead in the fashion that can be categorized as nonchalant.   You should always make […]

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