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Time for a Speed Test

By Gil Cargill on October 13

The speed test that I’m referencing is the speed at which you and/or your organization respond to customer inquiries.  Recent studies show that your probability of closing business drops considerably when the delay of responding to an inquiry is as little as a few minutes. As a matter of fact, some studies show that your […]

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Sales Manager or Cheerleader

By Gil Cargill on July 28

That’s right; a sales manager who does not manage based on process and metrics is relegated to the role of a cheerleader. He/she will say things like “work harder” or “work smarter”. All of those exhortations are nothing but a cheerleading type of motivating statements. In order to compete consistently in today’s world, a sales […]


The Most Important and Most Overlooked Sales Metric

By Gil Cargill on November 15

Many companies manage their sales process from the backend forward. In other words, they measure the dollars that are produced by the process and make the assumption (and it is an assumption) that the process is working if the dollars are, relatively speaking, acceptable. I emphasize the phrase “relatively speaking” due to the fact that […]


Do You Suffer from Funnel Blindness?

By Gil Cargill on March 29

Funnel blindness is a phenomenon that affects many salespeople and their employers. As the name implies, once opportunities go into the funnel, they are to some degree hidden from the view of management as well as the salesperson. Opportunities that go into the funnel prematurely are the most significant contributors to this problem. In other […]

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Your Sales Problems Are in the Mirror

By Gil Cargill on February 20

That’s a phrase that I shared with a gentleman that I met on an airplane recently.  During the course of a coast-to-coast flight, he ranted and complained about the poor quality of his sales team.  In asking him some questions, it became apparent that his lack of leadership was causing the problems with the sales […]

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Why Sales Teams Frustrate CEOs and What You Can Do About It

By Gil Cargill on October 23

I’m writing this post as the result of a very interesting question that was posed to me. Specifically, one of my associates asked me why CEOs, who are troubled by the poor results that their sales team produces, continue to seek advice from that very same sales team regarding what should be done to improve […]

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