Thank you again so much for your presentation.  I got a ton of great feedback.

As the chair of the meeting committee, I appreciate presenters that help make my committee shine and you definitely did that.
Thanks again!




I hate I wasn’t able to be here on Friday to see you before you left but I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to work with us last week. You are the third sales trainer I have worked with and I feel that I gained 100 times the information last week than during previous sales classes. I look forward to using the skills you taught us to better myself as well as my work performance. I hope to see you again soon!

Best Regards,

Jerry Koning
Reseller Account Manager
AVG CloudCare


The outcome/results of the meeting were to help determine the future procedural practices of the company. Cargill Consulting and Gil specifically, had been hired to manage the entire effort including tallying the results and compiling the final report. Gil was an excellent presenter.

Paul Cesak

President at PC Models


Gil is a master trainer and manager of sales of all types, with a superb demeanor and professionalism of highest level. A superb leader himself, he passes along wisdom, know-how, and develops others in the finest types of persuasion. Software, Hardware, SaaS, Services, Enterprise and is a master of developing and defining process. I have seen Gil in action.

Tom Cannon

MassPay ™ Mobile Payment


Gil conducted a morning workshop on Creating a World Class Sales Organization to 16 CEOs and kept their attention by providing new accountability tools for their tool kits. Two months have past and we are still talking about the “1st Meetings” tip and measurable weekly activity. Thanks Gil, you made a difference.

Ed Stillman

Advistor to CEOs & Business Owners who want to become better leaders.


Gil is truly and expert on the topic of Sales. Gil spoke to my group regarding getting the most out of your sales team and approaches for increasing revenue. Many of the CEO’s in our group implemented Gil’s recommendations with respect to Sales Management.

Kathie McBroom

Drives Performance, Leadership and Execution Through Organizations CEO Mentor/ Coach Execution Maximizer

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