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This is not an article about an old rock and roll song. 

It is however recounting a situation I encountered earlier. 

During the past few days, I have terminated my relationship with several service providers. 

My need for their service has been satisfied and I decided to save some money and terminate these relationships.  In both cases, my attempts to end the relationship were met with cordial professional responses. 

One of the service providers processed my request thanked me and we both went on our way. 

The second one (this is really the point of this post); the second service provider granted my request but asked me a few questions:

  • regarding the quality of service, 
  • whether I’d refer them to someone else, 
  • why I was terminating the service, etc. 

The lesson to be learned is that even when a customer says no or no thanks there is information that can and should be gleamed by the organization. 

Make sure that every negative is turned into a positive by collecting information. 

  • You may find, over time that your customers view your organization through different filters than you and the balance of your team utilize.  
  • You may learn why a competitor is winning.  
  • And or you certainly will understand what’s going on in the marketplace.  

Don’t let an opportunity to collect, analyze and utilize business intelligence slip by

Although the breaking up may be hard to do there are positives to be gained by asking questions and collecting this data.

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