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Connecting You with Your Prospects

Wouldn’t it be great to have the tedious process of nurturing cold prospects into sales ready leads automated for you? CCG’s Done 4 You Drip Marketing system makes this a reality.


The number one reason sales forces under-perform is due to the fact that they aren’t engaged with decision-makers when the decision makers are ready to buy.

With Done 4 You Drip Marketing, we’ll help you stay in front of your prospects with a steady stream of professionally written emails that educate, keep your brand top-of-mind, and encourage your prospects to engage with your company.

Here’s How it Works.

  1. We’ll help you to build the largest list of targeted prospects available. These prospects will become your drip marketing database.
  2. We’ll consult with you and your team to fully understand your business, your clients, and your offer.
  3. Our team will then create a series of powerfully persuasive emails that will tell your story and invite your prospects to take action.
  4. Your email campaigns will be automatically scheduled to send over a series of days, weeks or months.
  5. You’ll be provided an online portal to track which prospects are most ready to buy from you based on their activity (opening emails multiple times, clicking a link, etc.)

Generating Leads from Emails is Now Risk Free.

Gone are the days of building your email database one call, meeting or trade show at a time. The faster and more effective way to connect with potential customers is by acquiring a purchased list and then nurturing those leads with Done 4 You Drip Marketing.

Our system is 100% CAN-SPAM compliant, and is optimized for sending B2B emails to purchased leads for the sole purpose of generating leads. We protect your online reputation, so all you have to worry about is filling your funnel with leads.

Nurture Leads With Ease!

With Cargill Consulting Group’s Done 4 You Drip Marketing Service, you can fill the gap between painful, expensive and old-school prospecting and the need for a sales force to have an adequate volume of sales-ready leads.



Approach & Nurture Campaigns: We’ll create eight professionally written introductory/approach emails designed to educate and encourage engagement. We’ll also create 12 relationship building / nurture emails to keep your brand top of mind with decision makers when they are ready to buy.

Data Scrubbing: We clean, verify and rank each email on your list to increase deliverability and to protect your online reputation. Our email verification and list scrubbing is included with our service so you won’t have to pay for third-party vendor services.

Detailed Reporting & Customer Portal: You and your team will have access to your leads through an easy to use online portal. You’ll be able to track opens and clicks and more importantly, you’ll be able to pull detailed reports and score leads based on their behavior.

Sales Coaching & Training: Our sales acceleration coaches will help you and your team with the all-important follow-up process. Inquiries that are not followed up on will die a very quick, rapid and expensive (from your point of view) death.

Request Additional Information Today!

We look forward to adding your name to our rapidly growing list of profitable clients. Contact us at 310.362.0615, or request a free Information Packet below.

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