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Hire Salespeople with Confidence. Better than a Behavior Test, Our Sales Competency has over a 92% Success Rate on Recommended New Hires.

Sales Hiring Mistake Calculator

Did you know that according to the Wall Street Journal, a hiring mistake will cost you as much as $600,000 per incident? This tool calculates the cost of your companies mistakes.

Sales Force Grader

Does Your Salesforce Make the Grade? In just 5 minutes, this 22-point questionnaire instantly calculates the relative effectiveness of your sales team. It also includes an explanation of what your score means, a report about how your team performs compared to other sales forces and a comprehensive roadmap on how you can improve your score.

Sales Achievement Grader

With 10 quick questions, We’ll instantly rate your Salesforce’s Achievement Grade. Are you a high achiever? Put it to the test here. 

Sales Ghost Calculator

It costs a lot money to hire and train salespeople, only to have them leave. We continue to be affected by the salespeople of years past; those who once walked our halls, have left, and whose actions continue to haunt us and cost us dearly. How much have your ghosts cost your company? Take the Ghosts Test!

Sales Processes Grader

Instantly Improve Your Sales Process with this Easy to Use Tool!

Last But Absolutely Not Least…..

Recruiting Process Grader

By Simply Selecting the Steps You Currently Use In Your Formal and Informal Sales Recruiting Process, We Can Instantly Show You How Your Company Rates and Provide You With A Process Improvement Report.


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