Sales Meetings vs. Selling Time

Sales meetings are the bane of many sales representatives.  That’s because they perceive they don’t get any value out of these weekly exercises.  The next time you plan a sales meeting, I’d like you to take into consideration the value of the selling time that is required to conduct the meeting.

If you haven’t done it, feel free to download my Time & Task Analysis tool.  This tool will guide you through the process of “guesstimating” the revenue produced per sales rep, per selling hour.

Revenue Per Selling Hour

Anything you do that reduces the number of sales hours available to your team reduces in direct mathematic proportion the revenue that the team member can produce.  And that is contrary to the growth goals of most businesses.

Consequently, I recommend that, once you’ve established the revenue per selling hour, total the number of hours that each meeting requires.  Then, do the math to calculate the revenue that you’re not getting while you’re sales team is in the meeting.

The Value of Sales Practice

As soon as you look at your meetings in this light, it becomes apparent that most sales meetings are an enormous waste of money.  To reverse this trend, let’s use the meetings to improve our selling skills by incorporating sales practice (a.k.a. role play).

Also, try to space your meetings out more often during the course of the selling month.  As always, I wish you…

Good Luck and Good Selling!!!

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