While perusing one of the aviation websites that I favor not so long ago, I came upon the article attached to the link below.

Social Media Case Study: Piper Aircraft Launches PiperSport
Light Sport Aircraft on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter

Piper Aircraft was able to sell a brand new airplane, utilizing social internet marketing techniques.  As you’ll see, this is a powerful and proven concept.  Based on this article, I believe that the organization spent a lot more money than needs to be invested to get similar results.

Our partner, Naper Solutions, has agreed to help all of my readers understand the potential for internet/social network marketing.  To learn how this technique will produce tremendous improvements for you, visit their website at www.napersolutions.com.

If airplanes can be sold using this technique, I’m pretty darn sure you can sell your products and services over the web.  Just talk to Naper Solutions; they’ll show you how.


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