In order to kick off 2014 in the best way possible, I’ve been asked by many of my clients to document our unique method for improving sales.  Candidly, there is more information than I can put into one easy-to-read article, so I’ve broken it down into the nine steps that we at Cargill Consulting Group take to help our clients achieve an average 36% increase in their top line.

 I will share one technique with you weekly, for each of the next nine weeks.  If you miss any of the articles, they will be posted on my blog.  If you haven’t subscribed to my blog yet, click this link and do it now.  Over the next eight weeks, you will learn eight ways to improve your sales.

Sales SuccessThey are as follows:

  • 1.    Increase traffic:  Traffic drives conversions, conversions drive leads, and leads drive sales.  So, let’s address this issue first.
  • 2.    Convert more traffic:  Traffic that doesn’t convert amounts to nothing more than a group of visitors running past your website.  In this lesson, you’ll learn how to convert that traffic and turn them into sales-ready leads.
  • 3.    Increase your closing percentage:  Frequently, a significant increase in topline revenue will arise by increasing the percentage of sales-ready leads that you close.  This lesson will show you how to close more effectively and create a sense of urgency on the part of your prospects.
  • 4.    Increase your fees:  By improving the quality of your service, you will be able to increase your fees.  Even a slight increase in your fees will translate into a significant improvement in your top line.
  • 5.    Compete more often:  Deals are being done all around you, all of the time.  Unfortunately, many of these transactions don’t consider you when they are evaluating solutions to business problems.  This lesson will show you how to compete more often; ideally, for all demographically desirable opportunities.
  • 6.    Generate more referrals:  This is a universal desire on the part of most sales organizations and/or sales professionals.  Unfortunately, it’s a desire that is rarely achieved.  You’ll learn in this lesson how to create a systematic approach to generating referrals… all of the time.
  • 7.    Increase the dollar amount per transaction:  This can be done by eliminating discounting (a nasty habit) and/or by providing your clients with more products per contract.  You’ll learn how to do both in this lesson.
  • 8.    Stop the attrition of accounts:  This lesson will show you how to keep all of your accounts longer.  You’ll learn how to measure and manage the lifetime value of your accounts.  Most importantly, you’ll learn that the best way to stop the attrition of existing accounts is to perpetually sell them more products and/or services.
  • 9.    Spend more time selling:  As simple as it may sound, the average sales professional does not spend enough time selling.  The closer you get to spending a full eight hours per day selling, the closer you get to optimizing your revenue potential.  This lesson will show you how to utilize tools such as CRM systems, et cetera to maximize selling time.

So, those are the topics.

Join me weekly to learn how to dramatically improve your top line.

I promise you, you won’t get a huge increase from any one of these topics, but suppose each topic, each lesson, each session helps you increase your sales by three or four percent.  A three percent increase times nine different tactics will compound to produce a 27% increase.

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