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40+ Years Sales Experience

Gil Cargill has spent over 40 years as a consultant, speaker and trainer helping thousands of businesses achieve dramatic and permanent improvements in sales productivity.

Just In Time Training

Access Sales Training 24/7, Right when it’s needed most. Gone are the days of pouring though Sales Training notes scribbled into a notebook trying to find missing or forgotten gems.

Process Management Not Just Another Sales Methodology

Traditional Sales Training has proven expensive and quickly forgotten. We teach Sales Process Management to reinforce techniques and best practices. Process Management gives Predictable, Reliable Results

Cutting Edge Accountability System

Using our “Secret Sauce”, allows Sales Managers and Sales VP’s to have a clear picture of how their Sales Teams are performing through EVERY step of the sales process. It also assists each Salesperson in setting and reaching goals, keeping them on track

We'll Teach your Team how to "Level the Playing Field" and Give your Company a Competitive Advantage

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