Based on recent business publication reports, approximately 60% of the American workforce has indicated that they want to continue to work from home after the pandemic.  This is going to force an immense change in the way we sell.  Access to decision-makers will, I predict, become even more challenging due to the fact that they will not be in their offices eight hours a day, five days a week.

Therefore, in order for you to be successful in the new normal (whatever that will look like), I wholeheartedly recommend embracing the concepts of closed-loop marketing and cold-emailing.  Using the old strategies and tactics to get in touch with customers just won’t work, given these new realities.

5 Essential Tips for Remote Selling to Work-From-Home Decision-Makers

Following are the 5 essential steps you and/or your team must embrace to make sure that you continue to dominate your respective markets as we transition to overcoming the challenges of selling to a work-from-home workforce.

  • Maintain the largest active database possible:  Make sure you have an engaged and active database.  One of the primary reasons for underperforming salesforces is that they don’t have relationships with all of the decision-makers and influencers in their marketplace, due to a cold database.  It is important to continuously engage with your database with content that is relevant to them.  The more targeted you can get with your content, the more active your database will be.  If you are considering buying a list, make sure that you get a count from a list broker to understand how big your database should be.
  • Perpetual contact:  In order to be successful in the new normal, you’re going to have to maintain regular virtual contact with all of the decision-makers and influencers in all of the accounts, all of the time.  I apologize for being “repetitively redundant”, but massive consistent touching of decision-makers is going to be required so that you, your team and your value propositions stay top-of-mind with these decision-makers perpetually.
  • Content:  Make sure your content is relevant, educational and valuable.  There are many sources of information on the web that allow you to repurpose information.  These business articles may or may not be exactly what an individual prospect is interested in, but the mere fact that you’ve taken the time to repurpose and forward an article to them will remind them of your sincere desire to help them overcome challenges within their business.  And you will maintain top-of-mind awareness with these prospects.
  • Mix your mediums:  In addition to email campaigns, intersperse your emails with phone calls during which you verify that the prospect is getting your emails.  Get creative in this regard, as you don’t want your method of contacting prospects to become boring or repetitive.  Think outside the box for additional touch points like mailing a postcard, using targeted social media ads or text message marketing.
  • Be consistent and tenacious:  Most human beings abandon a long-term project, as this article describes, prematurely.  As a matter of fact, studies show that most salespeople admitted abandoning their sales prospects prematurely.  Don’t fall victim to this trap.  Get in touch and stay in touch with all demographically desirable prospects all of the time.  This will assure you of having the best chance to dominate in the new normal.

In this day-in-age, selling is all about creating and maintaining those virtual relationships.  This can be successfully done with a clear strategy and follow-through.  Does this sound a lot more time consuming than the old way of door knocking and cold calling?  The upfront planning and strategizing does require a bit more time, but after that, everything becomes automated, allowing your sales team more time to work on those phone and in-person relationships!

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