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Dramatically Increase Visitor Engagement

Studies have show that animated sales videos are 800% more engaging than the standard website videos. In addition, studies also show that when these videos are placed on a website, the conversion rate increases by at least 20%, which translates into 20% more sales. CCG Animated Sales Videos will pre-sell your prospects and help them understand the value that your service or product delivers. All of our videos are created by professional copywriters, storyboard creators, graphic artists, and voice actors.

Check out a few samples below, then contact us today to discuss the creation of your new Animated Sales Video.

Technology Management Solutions


3t Systems


ACA Compliance Video for RiskRT™


IT Services Sales Video for AF Technical Resources


Request Additional Information Today!

We look forward to adding your name to our rapidly growing list of profitable clients. Don’t delay, every day you don’t have a CCG Animated Sales Video on your website you are losing sales. Contact us at (310)-447-4102, or request more information below.

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