Forget Your ABCs (Always Be Closing)

By Gil Cargill on February 3

The title of this article refers to a cliché from the old school of selling. “Always Be Closing” was actually made famous in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross (1992).  As a sales strategy, it worked very well at one point in time.  But, those times have come and gone. Today’s buyer is much more sophisticated than […]


9 Ways the CEO Screws Up Sales

By Gil Cargill on October 23

In many of the consulting engagements that I’ve had over the past thirty-nine years, the real sales productivity obstacle is the CEO. Now, I don’t pretend for a minute to say that CEOs and/or business owners are deliberately sabotaging themselves. But, nonetheless, their actions contribute to persistent underperformance of the salesforce. Following are the actions […]

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Time for a Speed Test

By Gil Cargill on October 13

The speed test that I’m referencing is the speed at which you and/or your organization respond to customer inquiries.  Recent studies show that your probability of closing business drops considerably when the delay of responding to an inquiry is as little as a few minutes. As a matter of fact, some studies show that your […]

Managing the Aging Salesforcedave_stressed_001

Managing the Aging Salesforce

By Gil Cargill on October 7

As my generation (the baby boomers) age, this topic seems to be coming up more frequently than ever before. CEOs have asked me many times, “How do I motivate my senior salespeople?”  Or, another version of the same question is, “How do I keep them in the game?” Before I answer that question, let’s take […]

Vital Steps for Sales Success in 2015

By Gil Cargill on December 29

This article is going to address some numbers that most salespeople and business owners overlook. But, these are truly the vital numbers, or metrics, that will spell tremendous success for you and/or your team in 2015. Most of us recall the old mantra of “calls plus demos equals sales”. And, that’s true, but it is […]

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