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Email Madness

By Gil Cargill on February 2

I was recently asked by one of my clients to conduct some research to find an emailing service. Their goal was to send out marketing emails to their database and drive some of the contacts in their database to their website. The goal and the concept sound very simple and straight forward. My offer to […]

Why Does Marketing Cost So Much?

By Gil Cargill on June 25

This is a question many of my clients frequently ask me.  CEOs of companies rely on their sales forces to bring new accounts and/or new business into their company.  Frequently, they express frustration regarding the cost of marketing.  I frankly don’t believe that marketing costs too much; I believe that too much of marketing’s cost […]

Are You Following Best Practices, or NEXT Practices?

By Gil Cargill on June 23

Any business-to-business sales organization that subscribes to the concept of best practices may be behind the times.  It is far more profitable to be concerned about next practices – in other words, what’s coming up next.  The manager of a business-to-business sales force should ask him/herself “What’s next?” or “What’s new?” on a regular basis. […]

Pipeline or Pipe Dream?

By Gil Cargill on June 22

Many salespeople confuse establishing a sales funnel, or pipeline, with creating a pipe dream.  We are all naturally optimistic and, sometimes, this optimism gets us into sales trouble – specifically, when we confuse a prospect who is willing to talk to us with a prospect who has a set of needs that can be satisfied […]

How to End Sales and Marketing Conflicts

By Gil Cargill on June 16

Conflicts between sales and marketing can become so severe that neither department is able to function optimally.  The source of this conflict usually stems from the fact that sales and marketing fail to agree on a clear definition of an inquiry versus a lead, which too often leads to poor sales. Inquiry Defined Inquiries are […]

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