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You’re the best at what you do.

You’ve worked long and hard to build a successful business, and now you have a product or service to sell and you need help finding a “Top Gun” salesperson. Even if you have a highly skilled human resources department, finding and identifying the best salespeople is a uniquely difficult task and should be handled by sales experts.

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That’s where the Cargill Consulting Group, Inc. and Gil Cargill’s Sales Simulation Hiring Process© comes to the rescue. Our Interviewing & Hiring Service is not a recruiting service. Our team rolls up its collective sleeves and does the “heavy lifting” of hiring one or more salespeople. We do the interviewing, the testing, the screening, the reference checking, the sales simulation evaluation – virtually everything for you.

Next, we present you with the candidates that meet or exceed the criteria associated with the position you are looking to fill – all on an extremely affordable fee structure. Let the Cargill Consulting Group, Inc. and Gil Cargill’s Sales Simulation Hiring Process© take the guesswork out of hiring your next salesperson. Don’t make what the Wall Street Journal refers to as the $500,000 hiring mistake.

Our process includes the following:

  • Recruitment and Selection
    • Newspaper and internet job board ad creation and placement
    • Applicant screening – Résumé and telephone screening
    • Testing and assessment – We utilize the DISC and SSI tests to evaluate “sales DNA” and skills
    • Sales Simulation Interview – This is our “secret sauce”. Each qualified candidate will be required to give us a ten- to fifteen-minute presentation of your product and your service.
    • Background checks – Access to a wide range of competitively priced background check and drug-testing options.
    • Federal, state and county criminal records
    • Credit reports
    • National criminal database searches
    • Civil records
    • Social Security
    • Motor vehicle report
    • Education verification

Let us build your future team, while you take care of today’s business. For more information, fill out the form below.

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