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Consideration Rate – The Missing Metric

By Gil Cargill on September 20

The most important and most frequently overlooked metric, as it pertains to business-to-business marketing, is consideration rate. Simply stated, consideration rate is the percentage of desirable sales opportunities that, at minimum, consider you.  For instance, if in your market there will be 1,000 decisions made next quarter and you are providing quotes to 100 potential […]

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Nine Ways To Improve Traffic – Driving Traffic

By Gil Cargill on February 27

In the preface that I published last week, I talked about the fact that you and your sales team need to be very clear regarding the results that are produced by your products and services when a customer contracts with you. If you don’t understand the quantity of results (as measured by the client) and […]

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Nine Ways to Improve Your Sales

By Gil Cargill on February 7

In order to kick off 2014 in the best way possible, I’ve been asked by many of my clients to document our unique method for improving sales.  Candidly, there is more information than I can put into one easy-to-read article, so I’ve broken it down into the nine steps that we at Cargill Consulting Group […]

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Are You Running Your Sales Program or is it Running You?

By Gil Cargill on October 18

MSP’s face a large number of sales and marketing challenges. First, do you communicate your technical expertise, or the value of the results that you produce? Secondly, do you wait for the phone to ring with prospective customers? Or do you have a pro-active outreach program to find prospective customers. A Few Problems Many MSP’s […]

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