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Consideration Rate – The Missing Metric

By Gil Cargill on September 20

The most important and most frequently overlooked metric, as it pertains to business-to-business marketing, is consideration rate. Simply stated, consideration rate is the percentage of desirable sales opportunities that, at minimum, consider you.  For instance, if in your market there will be 1,000 decisions made next quarter and you are providing quotes to 100 potential […]

Your Feet Are Too Small

Your Feet Are Too Small!

By Gil Cargill on April 1

No, this isn’t an article about buying or selling shoes. Rather, the reference that I make in the title is to the size of your marketing footprint. In today’s very crowded, very competitive sales arena, the team that has the best and biggest marketing footprint is, more often than not, the team that gets the […]

There Is No Magic

There Is No Magic

By Gil Cargill on February 17

One of the benefits of having been in the sales coaching, consulting and training business for the past forty years is that I’ve had an opportunity to see a lot of so-called magical solutions come through our industry. There have been training programs with “hypnotic closes” associated with the program.  There have been all kinds […]

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Nine Ways To Improve Traffic – Driving Traffic

By Gil Cargill on February 27

In the preface that I published last week, I talked about the fact that you and your sales team need to be very clear regarding the results that are produced by your products and services when a customer contracts with you. If you don’t understand the quantity of results (as measured by the client) and […]

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One Call Does Not Do It All

By Gil Cargill on August 12

There was a time when one phone call would secure an appointment for a salesperson. I can personally recall many times where I would spend the day “dialing for dollars” (a.k.a. prospecting) and end the day with a good number (10-15) of appointments for the following week. Those days, sadly, are gone. The sales professional […]


Do You Suffer from Funnel Blindness?

By Gil Cargill on March 29

Funnel blindness is a phenomenon that affects many salespeople and their employers. As the name implies, once opportunities go into the funnel, they are to some degree hidden from the view of management as well as the salesperson. Opportunities that go into the funnel prematurely are the most significant contributors to this problem. In other […]

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Educational Marketing: What Is It? Why Do You Need It?

By Gil Cargill on March 18

One of the shifts in the buying process that has occurred in the 21st century is the fact that our prospects come to us with more information about our products, services and competitors than ever before. Back in the early days (some call them the “good old days”), prospects needed to talk to a sales […]

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