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Selling Versus Telling

By Gil Cargill on March 11

There seems to be an age-old debate regarding the differences between selling and telling. When I make sales calls with my clients’ salespeople, I’ve noted an increase in the number of sales calls which are inappropriately identified as “selling”. More often than not, these people are telling. They tell the customer about their products or […]

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Time for a Speed Test

By Gil Cargill on October 13

The speed test that I’m referencing is the speed at which you and/or your organization respond to customer inquiries.  Recent studies show that your probability of closing business drops considerably when the delay of responding to an inquiry is as little as a few minutes. As a matter of fact, some studies show that your […]

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The Cold Facts about Cold Calling

By Gil Cargill on July 16

I wrote this post to present some facts, as I know them, regarding the process of cold-calling. Rather than present my opinions, I’d like you to draw your own conclusions based on the facts associated with the time-honored process of cold-calling. First, a brief history lesson: History Of Cold Calling Cold-calling, as we practice it […]

“I AM Trying Hard”!

By Gil Cargill on February 27

This is the moment that many sales people who are confusing effort with result. Our profession, while quite rewarding, can be very harsh. Specifically, trying hard just isn’t enough. We sales professionals are always measured on the only thing that counts…new order. If you’re not growing the topand bottom lines for your employer, it’s improbable […]

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