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Running fast

That Was Then, This Is Now

By Gil Cargill on August 27

At a recent conference, the owner of an IT consulting firm approached me and started a discussion regarding the challenges he and his team are having finding new customers. To sum up the conversation, it became clear that prospecting was something that he did not need to do in the early days of his business. […]

business callon the phonePhoto credit:  http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

One Call Does Not Do It All

By Gil Cargill on August 12

There was a time when one phone call would secure an appointment for a salesperson. I can personally recall many times where I would spend the day “dialing for dollars” (a.k.a. prospecting) and end the day with a good number (10-15) of appointments for the following week. Those days, sadly, are gone. The sales professional […]

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