How would your life change if you had a systematic process that would, without fail, put high five and even six figures in your bank account, month after month?

And, you could start part-time without jeopardizing your current employment?

  • Imagine helping business owners become more successful, make more profit, and have more free time to do business
  • How would it be to live your life on your own terms, never having to worry about money, and doing what you want, when you want, and with whom you want?
  • How would it be to lose the worries of quota increases and/or replacement by a lower cost employee?
  • Consider what it would be like to be able to retire in five to eight years and never have to work again!

Now, you can join the ranks of sales acceleration coaches who are building practices part- and/or full-time to fulfill these and many other dreams.

Your trainer is Gil Cargill.


That’s me, the person whose words you’re reading right now; a veteran of 39 years of sales acceleration coaching, consulting, training, and outsourced sales executive management.

I have worked with some of the largest companies in the world, but thoroughly enjoy helping small to medium businessmen and women achieve their dreams.

My expertise in helping clients find ways to improve their top and bottom line comes from a unique sales process orientation.

I discovered over 25 years ago that, when you improve the process, you will without fail improve the results the process produces.  And, that means more money for my clients.

I’ve developed an online training system to teach this very same process.

Once you’ve completed our training, your clients will grow their top line by 36%.

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My partner and I value your time, we take it very seriously, and we give you our very best.  It is our personal goal and mission to help everyone who participates in our sales acceleration coach training to…

  • BullseyeBecome as successful as possible as quickly as possible
  • Make their training experience the very best that it could possibly be
  • Earn the investment in their training back within the first 60 days
  • Hit the six-figure earnings mark in their first 90-120 days following training
  • Break the quarter-million-dollar mark at the end of their first year

Your time is valuable… and so is mine.  Each of us has a very limited amount of time on this planet and, with each passing day, it becomes less and less; and you can’t afford to waste it.

Whatever and to whomever you surrender your time to has a very special and sacred obligation to honor and respect that time and to provide the very best and the most value possible in exchange for it.

Unfortunately, far too many people selling products, seminars or information either don’t understand that fact or they don’t care; they charge you far too much money, give you an inferior product, don’t stand behind their hyped up claims, and are difficult to connect with, or even to find, when you have a problem or need help.

Having experienced those things myself and having gotten ripped off more times than I care to remember, I vowed that I would operate my businesses differently… entirely differently.

And, to a large extent, that’s what’s allowed me to remain in business for nearly 40 years… and why we have so many satisfied and successful clients.

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Our breakthrough concept, The New Math of Sales Excellence, is a systematic approach to creating and managing sales in a process-oriented fashion.  When you take our training, you will learn how to use The New Math of Sales Excellence to become a fractional VP of Sales for a portfolio of clients.

Or, you can learn how to start a sales-only mastermind group that will pay you as much as $7,000 per month for each half-day session.

In addition, you’ll learn how to conduct live sales training, if you wish, or to resell our online sales and sales management training program, all of which will help you produce six figures within one year.

If you’re like most people I talk to, what you’re really looking for is something that works; something that removes the guesswork; something that has an easy-to-follow, systematic process that produces predictable results; and something that doesn’t cost you your life savings.

You’re looking for a proven investment that can quickly generate a positive return on the amount you spend… you want a positive ROI.

That’s what business owners (your potential clients) are looking for, also.  And, that’s exactly what you’re going to learn how to deliver.

Believe me; when you give a business owner ideas that can return multiples of what they invested with you, it not only brings a smile to their face but they want more of what you have to offer, and they’ll tell others about you.

Fortunately, it’s easier than you think.  We will provide you with a turnkey, proven process.  Processes that will…

  • Find a business that has a sales challenge that they can’t solve or fix, or one that they don’t want to solve or fix by themselves
  • Help them see that you have the knowledge, skills, experience, expertise and, most importantly, a system (The New Math of Sales Excellence) to eliminate their problems
  • Determine what is the best and fastest course of action to take that will produce the desired result
  • Implement your solutions and assign accountability to monitor them and ensure that they are working


WinnerOur training program is delivered in online modular segments.

These are augmented by one-on-one coaching sessions with myself or my partner and reinforced by application of the training to your situation.

The first step towards becoming a certified sales acceleration coach is to satisfactorily complete The New Math of Sales Excellence. After that has been completed, you will be considered certified as a Sales Acceleration Coach.

When you’ve completed that, you should have a one-on-one call with either myself or my partner.

The purpose of this call is to conduct a planning session. After you’re certified, you will be eligible to complete all of the rest of the training.

The balance of the training programs are designed to teach you how to implement one of the multiple streams of revenue available to you. They are:

  • Start and Run a Sales Leaderships Forum: This is a sales mastermind group that pays you handsome recurring revenue in exchange for moderate investments of time.
  • Start and Run a Profitable Outsource Sales Management Service: As fractional sales manager or sales vice president, you will learn – utilizing our tools, templates, techniques and tactics – how to manage a client sales force more effectively than they can, without being on site five days a week.
  • Become a Sales Trainer: Upon completion of your certification, you will be authorized to resell our famous sales training curriculum for salespeople and sales managers. You can sell Results Oriented Selling and/or 21st-Century Sales Management. You’ll learn how to deliver this training live on site, if you wish, or by enrolling your clients in our online program.
  • Fastest Start Program: We don’t have a quick-start program, but we have the fastest start program. Literally, you can earn commissions while you learn your trade by referring prospects to our website, MoreLeadsNoColdCalling.com. This is an e-learning platform that delivers a curriculum called the Business Development Toolbox. This curriculum teaches small to medium business owners and executives how to build multimillion-dollar businesses, step by step, week by week. And, all you have to do is refer people to us; we’ll do the selling and split the revenue with you.
  • How to Generate More Leads Than You Can Handle: Lead-generation is the number one problem facing most consultants and coaches. After all, it’s probably been years since you had to “dial for dollars”. We’ll show you multiple techniques, one of which I’m sure will fit your personality, style, et cetera to generate leads profitably and productively.


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