I was recently asked by one of my clients to conduct some research to find an emailing service. Their goal was to send out marketing emails to their database and drive some of the contacts in their database to their website. The goal and the concept sound very simple and straight forward.

My offer to help began what I eventually perceived to be a bit of a technological nightmare. Now I hasten to point out that the technology of bulk email marketing is quite simple and proven. Where things really got complicated was in the area of comparing pricing and services based on published plans from the various email service providers.

Candidly, it was maddening. For instance, the term “softbounce” is a very common term in email marketing. The complexity comes in under the definitions of various email marketing services.

You see, one of the differentiators of email marketing services is their claims of deliverability. How deliverability, and in the case soft bounces, are calculated vary infinitely. If there is no standardization of the methods under which these measurements are calculated, it is, therefore, impossible to ascertain which service is superior.

Another area of deliverability I found very perplexing was the ways in which various emails providers benchmark their deliverability. For instance, provider A claims they have X percent deliverable, however, once you peel back the details you will find that their percent is based on a percent of the total emails sent. Consequently when you are comparing a percent of a percent versus an actual percentage it gets to be complicated and mathematically impossible unless you are will to do a lot of “algebra” to understand which service is superior to which.

Then, this exercise really became fun when I contacted the various email service providers and asked them why they charge me for all of the emails sent. You see I’ve been in the marketing game long enough to know that even back in the days of “snail mail marketing” some percentage of every mailing never got delivered. In other words the perspective receiver had moved, address was incorrect, title was incorrect, names where misspelled, whatever. In those days we paid, and many companies continue to pay for mailings that don’t get delivered to the recipient. This is an absolute waste of money.

I reasoned that here in the 21st century and utilizing the power of computers one could differentiate between emails that are sent and emails that are actually received. However, none of the companies that I interviewed were able or willing to offer any rationale or reason as to why we would have to pay for emails that weren’t delivered.

It gets even worse when you realize that the purpose of an email marketing campaign is to bring prospects to your website. Now I really had some fun when I said” would you charge me for only those emails that produced the result my client desired”? I got a few chuckles over the phone some long awkward moments of silence and no positive responses. Most email marketing services believe this is either impossible and/or would be disastrous to their business.

I was however able to find one service that operates strictly on this principle and I’m here to tell you folks that I was surprised, shocked, amazed, and most importantly delighted at the simplicity of their program. Instead of presenting tons and tons of metrics volumes of reports analyzing anything and everything… except the most important thing; a new company called Pay Per Visit Email only charges for those emails that actually deliver the reader to my clients website!

This is a blessing! Stop and think about it if you’re using email to drive traffic to your website why would you pay for email that doesn’t get delivered? Or why would you pay for email that gets delivered but doesn’t drive traffic to the website?

Pay Per Visit has solved both of these problems. If you are interested in email marketing that is cost effective and conserves your budget you should certainly navigate over to the Pay Per Visit website. Let them show you how you can save money while increasing the effectiveness of your email marketing. One of the things that I thoroughly enjoyed when I contacted them is the fact that they didn’t offer any training.

That’s right this is a technology tool that is so simple that there is no training associated with it. Compare that level of simplicity and that level of focus (delivering readers to the website) to the tons and tons of metrics complexities and measurements and percentages that other services offer. The level of information that the services provide could lead one to believe that they recognize that they aren’t doing the job that their clients actually want (delivering readers to the website) therefore their providing volumes upon volumes upon volumes of useless information designed to mask the fact that the real job, delivering readers to the website, is not being completed.

Should you have interest in this program contact Pay Per Visit Email at their website and I’m sure you will be delighted with the results they deliver. As always I wish you…

Good luck and good selling,

Gil Cargill

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