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Save Time, Spend Less, Free-Up Sales Hours

Autopilot Prospecting is a done-for-you, turnkey lead-generation service. We utilize the most effective and only money-back guaranteed strategies and tactics available to-day. That’s right; our service is guaranteed based on your satisfaction, and your satisfaction only, or your money back.


The business-to-business buying process has changed significantly, but the prospecting process hasn’t. As a matter of fact, cold-calling is nothing more than searching for someone to sell to. Unfortunately, more often than not, this tactic results in no success.

Simply stated, cold-calling in today’s world, creates a situation where the salesperson meets the prospect at the wrong time. Studies show that 90% of cold calls go into the prospect’s voicemail. Clearly, timing is wrong.

Our approach does the searching for you, for far less money. The efficiencies generated with our approach allow us to offer this service for less than you’d pay an entry-level receptionist.


Generate & Nurture Leads With Ease

With Cargill Consulting Group’s Autopilot Prospecting Service, you can fill the gap between painful, expensive and old-school cold-calling and the need for a sales force to have an adequate volume of sales-ready leads.

Here’s How it Works.

  1. We will place a world class animated sales video on your website (optional). The video becomes the centerpiece of your marketing program.  Check out some sample videos here: CCG Animated Sales Videos.
  2. We’ll help you put together a list of approximately 5,000 compliant prospects that will become your marketing database.
  3. We will create 8 powerfully persuasive HTML emails to tell your story, and invite your prospects to click a link to watch your video. We’ll send an email to your prospects every week (20K emails per month)
  4. We’ll track which prospects are most ready to buy from you based on their activity (opening emails multiple times, clicking a link, etc.)
  5. Our professional callers will contact interested prospects and qualify them based on criteria that you supply to us.  We then pass on sales-ready leads to your team.


  • Customized, animated sales video (Optional…additional fee)
  • Eight professionally written HTML emails
  • Five hours of telephone follow-up service, monthly
  • Management of your email list and sequencing of emails
  • Closed loop marketing…12 nurture based e-mails
  • Online Sales Training
  • Regular activity reports to keep you in the loop
  • Sales-ready leads with completed profiles

Request Additional Information Today!

We look forward to adding your name to our rapidly growing list of profitable Autopilot Prospecting clients. Contact us at (310)-447-4102, or request a free Information Packet below. The competition tries to book appointments, we help CREATE relationships for you and in turn deliver sales ready leads.


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