Over the past few years, I have noticed that business magazines (especially those focused on sales) have an annual tradition of publishing editions which tout “new, revolutionary, dynamic” sales techniques.

It seems as if this annual ritual is repetitive in nature, by which I simply mean that there don’t appear to be very many new things under the sun. Obviously, magazines need to fill their pages with information. But, when you have been at this task as long as I have (over thirty years), you start to notice this trend.

You see, the sales process used today was first documented in 1873 by the founder of NCR. His sales process has become the direct ancestor of most processes used today.

Automating this process is a game that is fraught with risks, due to the fact that you are automating a process which is out of date and inappropriate to the way in which our customers are buying.

I notice that all of these articles focus on how to sell, but none of them address the fact that the buying process has changed. If we don’t change our selling process to match the buying process of today’s prospects, we will always be behind the eight ball.

A word to the wise: Don’t get caught up in programs that use loud terms (“explosive”, “dynamic”, I’ve even seen one that said “hypnotic”). Rather, build processes that give you the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that you are obtaining and maintaining the maximum number of relationships.

In today’s world, the salesperson or sales team that maintains the largest number of high-quality and mutually beneficial relationships wins more sales.

What are you doing to create and maintain relationships? If the answer to that question is the “same old thing“, then you will get the “same old result“.

Research shows that repetitive marketing touches are the key to creating and maintaining these relationships. Make sure that you create a methodology for getting in touch and staying in touch with all desirable prospects all of the time.

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