A recent study published in one of the popular sales magazines identified a trend that is disconcerting.  Specifically, 21% of forecasted qualified sales have “fizzled”.  By fizzling, the authors mean that the sale literally disappeared or leaked from the funnel.

James Obermayer, Executive Director of the Sales Lead Management Association, says that sales pipeline leakage is one of the key contributors to profitability problems.  Jim has published several books on the need to plug the leaks in your sales pipeline or funnel.  You can find a ton of useful information regarding this topic at the Sales Lead Management Association website, where you can download very detailed reports examining this phenomenon.

Simply stated, fizzling will stop when you plug the leaks in your pipeline.  One of the best ways to do that is to have a fully automated closed-loop marketing system working for you.  An automated closed-loop marketing system will maintain top-of-mind awareness with all of your prospects and customers throughout every phase of the sales cycle.  That, in turn, prevents leakage and fizzling.  Make sure you plug your leaks and hold yourself and your team accountable for the satisfactory, professional, yet persistent pursuit of all qualified opportunities.  As always, I wish you…


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