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magic wandThere are three magic words that, at the end of the day, spell success or failure for your marketing effort: reach, frequency, and repetition.

Reach simply speaks to the number of potential buyers that you reach at any given time.  For instance, if there are 10,000 decision-makers/influencers in your market, how many of those people are identified in your database?  If you have 1,000 names in your database, then your current reach is 10%.  And that, based on my experience, is spectacular compared to the reach established by many high-tech sales organizations.

  • You can quickly gain a “guesstimate” of your current reach by contacting any list broker and asking him/her to provide you with a count of demographically desirable companies within your marketplace.
  • Once you know the count, multiply that number by the number of decision-makers or influencers that are involved in your typical sale.  The result of that multiplication will be the number of names that you should have (give or take a few) in your database.

You can’t optimize your sales results until you optimize your reach.

Frequency, on the other hand, speaks to the need to touch these demographically desirable individuals, regularly.  Depending who you talk to, you should touch every decision-maker/influencer in your market at least seven times per year; I favor a monthly touch.  By maintaining this level of frequency, you prevent decision-makers and influencers from forgetting about you.

Typical marketing (postcards, cold calling, lunch and learns, etc.) are excellent strategies to obtain top-of-mind awareness.  But, once obtained, retaining or maintaining top-of-mind awareness is the ultimate goal of every marketer.  Consequently, you must employ closed-loop marketing concepts to touch every decision-maker and influencer in your market, every month.

A touch can be a phone call, email, trade show meeting, face-to-face meeting, you name it.  But, work diligently to prevent people from forgetting about you.  Remember, “not now” doesn’t necessarily mean “not ever“.

The third magic word that needs to be applied by marketers is repetition.  Your audience of decision-makers and influencers will not absorb your marketing message and/or value proposition on your first attempt.  More often than not, you should repeat the message regularly.  We can discuss in future articles sophisticated methods such as split-testing, etc.

But, for all intents and purposes, if you’re not repeating your value proposition, you can bet that your market hasn’t fully absorbed the value that a relationship with you and your team will produce.

In summary, reach everyone, talk to them regularly, and repeat your value proposition constantly.  Those three simple steps will produce a dramatic improvement in your top and bottom line. What’s your thoughts on this?

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  • Hi Gil,

    I agree with your three words, great job.

    Over the years I have been floored by the “Sales Managers” who don’t think you need to stay in touch with their customers and I watch them go under.

    It’s been a long time and I am sure you won’t remember but I met up with you in Atlanta a long time back and spoke at one of your meetings. I am the guy that talked about having a driver for your salespeople.

    Since I have seen you I have built several companies, helpping one get to over $1 Billion in sales. Helped a division of a company go from near $0.00 to over $80 Million in 8 months. Grew one of my startups to sign a $500 Million contract in 9 months. No brag, just letting you know I haven’t been hangin’ at the beach!

    If you can, get in touch with me, I will do whatever I can to add value to any of your meetings.


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